Moku Kahawai is a Brazilian jiu jitsu black belt under Guilherme and Rafael Mendes, 4X and 6X black belt world champions. Moku is from Waimanalo, Oahu in Hawaii. He lived on Big Island for many years, but in 2014, Moku and his wife moved to California to pursue his dream of becoming a world champion. He earned 4 world titles as a brown belt - Worlds No-Gi and Master Worlds (2014) in his weight division and Master Worlds (2015) in his weight division and open class. He debuted as a jiu jitsu fighter on Road to Metamoris where he became one of four finalists. He also won his Metamoris Underground match in 2015. Moku enjoys surfing, eating, traveling, and spending time with his wife. Moku believes in spreading the jiujitsu lifestyle and wants to share his knowledge with YOU! Try his jiu jitsu class today!

Class name: Beyond Jiu Jitsu

Who can attend: Open to all belt levels

What can students learn: Core concepts; Basic positions and situations; Beginner to advanced techniques; Attacks, defense, and escapes; Positional, situational, and live sparring

What can students gain: Coordination; Strength; Confidence; New friends!
Photo By: Scott Hirano